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Succes Coaching

Taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. This is an interactive process targeted to help you grow by becoming more mindful and/or learning something new in order to take your life or business to the next level!

Special Offer until June 15th, 2017 $25 for a 45-minute Discovery Session

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Spiritual Mentor

Advising you on your journey of self-discovery by exploring and practicing spirituality. This is a personal developmental relationship and in this process knowledge is shared regarding life, career, relationships, spirituality, and personal growth.

Pricing is based on your needs so please contact for more information

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Inspirational Speaker

Speaking summits on leadership, communication, living your dreams and more. You and I would facilitate a gathering of like minded individuals to share insights, give tools and teach new skills.This is a great way to promote your business through creating a speaking summit with me!

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To create more joy, fulfillment and positivity worldwide by inspiring 1 in each community to live the life they love.

At a young age, it was clear what Chelle (sounds like Shell) was destined to become; a “success coach”, inspirational public speaker, spiritual & life mentor to young adults, and a writer. This becomes evident when you read her blogs or interact with her.

For Chelle, coaching entrepreneurs, young adults, and already successful professionals towards greater success in life and business are a deep passion for her. The clients she has worked with at MINDBODY as a Customer Success Specialist/Manger for the last 3 years will tell you that her guidance and genuine care has increased their success in business. This is also true of public speaking and with over a decade of experience in those areas, she believes the learning process never ceases. Chelle keeps evolving herself both personally and professionally through her own personal development plan. She currently is certified by the John Maxwell Team as a Life Coach and Speaker and carries a second Life Coaching certification from Katapult Enterprises. That is just the start friends.

This multifaceted professional is a fun-loving creative at heart and is involved in her local dance community as a performer. She believes that to achieve fulfillment one must strive to maintain balance and have a really freaking fun time doing so! She also is an active member of the San Luis Obispo Optimist Club because she is working to provide the youth with the skills and tools they will need to better prepare them for the coming years. There are life lessons and skills that our current public and private schools just don’t provide at this time but are important to living a life that is loved, fulfilling, and inspirational to others!

  • "I have known Chelle for over 3 years and it has been such a positive experience. I recommend Chelle to mentor or coach anyone looking for successful personal development. She has not only coached me, guided me and helped me through my most difficult times in my life but has helped me to grow into my personal power. Her coaching skills are phenomenal. Thank you, Chelle!"


  • “Thank you for teaching me that harboring anger or resentment is not the answer. I feel so much better about this now!”


  • Chelle is such a positive light that shines brightly and helps everyone that interacts with her! I am better for knowing her”


  • “Thank you for inspiring me to do the thing that scared me, from it we made beautiful memories!”


Core Values

Inspire 1's Values are at the Core of each service provided

Joyful:We allow inner happiness to create outer joy

Aroha:We demonstrate love in all we do to the best of our ability

Honor:We always uphold our role as a privilege to serve others

Mindful:We practice awareness through reflections of appreciation

Integrity: We are accountable for our lives speaking truth respectfully

Courageous:We are brave in the face of fear and pain

Kindness:We are generous leaders


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